Redlight-ST FOR FACE & BODY Micro Mist

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Advanced Benefits for Vibrant Healthy Looking Skin (Dynamic Hydrating Rejuventaion)

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STEP 1 – Micro Mist EVO Pre Red Light Spray 

This refreshing light mist helps prepare your skin for red light exposure. By establishing your skin’s proper PH balance maximum therapeutic benefits are achieved.

Contains Aloe Vera Gel which helps slow the aging process in several ways. As an excellent cleansing and detoxifying agent, aloe removes dead skin cells, wastes, and toxins while purifying the pores. The vitamins, minerals, and amino acids found in aloe nourish and moisture the skin. Aloe rejuvenates and rebuilds healthy skin at an accelerated pace by using the same process that gives youthful skin of children that fresh, healthy glow. Also contains Vitamin C which revitalizes your skin, allowing for improvement in tone and texture.



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