Metabolism Boost Capsules ( 30 capsules per pack)


Metabolism Boost

Food supplement

Helps speed up the metabolism, block fat absorption and stimulates fat burning.

Metabolism Boost capsules with a 3 in 1 effect:

  • Helps speed up the metabolism
  • Blocks fat aborption
  • Stimulates fat burning

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How does Metabolism Boost work?

Contains brown sea algae that are naturally rich in iodine and can help boost the metabolism

Contains papaya enzymes that can help contribute to weight loss

It helps block the absorption of fat

It’s designed to help boost fat burning

It helps stimulate the digestion

  • spends a lot of time sitting
  • wants to boost the effect of physical activity
  • struggles with losing weight
  • wants to lose weight with the help of natural products
  • needs something to increase the effects of their diet


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